Become A Georgia Budget Expert: Where Are The Dollars Spent?

In this third installment of Become a Budget Expert from PolicyBEST, we see how the state plans to spends your money this year. The two largest state policy expenditures are education, which is over 50% of the budget, and healthcare, which is 22%. Also, it’s important to keep in mind the planned increase in transportation spending after the passing of HB170.

About the Become A Budget Expert series:

In the state of Georgia, every one of these issues comes back to the budget. We have to have a balanced budget every year. We have critical needs in Education, Health Care, and Transportation. And we have to accomplish all of our goals in these areas and more while having a tax burden that keeps Georgia an attractive place to live, work, and operate a business. Thus, Georgia’s budget is at the crux of virtually every major policy decision.

As such, our PolicyBEST Policy Analyst Zack Lindsey has prepared a series of six short videos that break down our budget process, as well as show where the funds come from and where they are spent. We’ll show the difference between revenue growth and surplus funds, how Georgia’s budget has changed over the last decade, and finally do a comparison of Georgia’s budget and tax burden to that of our neighboring states.

The goal of these videos is too provide raw numbers and facts, as a resource for you to expand your knowledge on Georgia’s budget.

Previous videos include a brief explanation of the budget process, and
A look at the sources of funds that show how Georgia pays for it’s spending.

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