PolicyBEST is a public policy organization changing the public debate and achieving real solutions.

PolicyBEST excels at shaping public opinion with our effective earned media strategies and encouraging a more favorable environment for Georgia’s Business climate and economic development. We improve Education through school choice and workforce development; emphasize our world class institutions to position Georgia as a pro-Science state; and solve Georgia’s Transportation challenges. We work with diverse groups to find common ground and shape the narrative about policies that make Georgia the BEST it can be.

Charlie Harper, PolicyBEST Executive DirectorCharlie Harper is the Executive Director of PolicyBEST. He has a proven ability to set and/or change public policy debate as demonstrated by his seven years with Peach Pundit, Georgia’s premier political website. The network Harper has developed with Georgia’s political, grassroots, and media leaders is invaluable to an organization such as PolicyBEST. Harper has a reputation for fairness and for eschewing partisan talking points in favor of reasoned debate based on fact.

Zack Lindsey is a Policy Analyst for PolicyBEST. Zack formerly ran the largest volunteer outreach program in the state as a field director for the Georgia Republican Party in the 2014 election cycle. Zack is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, where he received his degree in Economics.